About Us

Serving God & our Community for 125 years


Des Moines United Methodist Church, in Des Moines, Washington, established in 1888, has long been a welcoming community.  We strive to follow the example of Christ, grow in love and welcome into full fellowship persons of every race, gender, culture, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity, economic circumstance, age, physical and mental ability, family and marital status.  We affirm that all persons are individuals of sacred worth.

Deep historic roots in Des Moines and wide caring branches across time and space mark this church as dynamic in our region.  Marked by both traditional music and worship as well as progressive social service and justice awareness, Des Moines United Methodist Church believes in God’s grace freely offered to all (all means All!) as proclaimed in the Bible.  We are a Reconciling Congregation which means we are especially intentional about including GLBTQ.  Individuals and families interested in a spirituality seeking to heal society’s deep wounds and creating a more inclusive place of peace in our world and in our own hearts will find a warm welcome here.

Interesting things to know about the United Methodist Church

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