Children’s Ministry

We have an excellent team of veteran and new leaders and helpers that are committed to providing a welcoming environment where our young people can explore and grow their faith.  We are using a new Lectionary based curriculum that is web based.  Some of the benefits of it are more scripture is accessed because of the Lectionary.   All leaders and helpers have access to all of the material.  All age levels are learning from the same scriptures each week.  Also the connection of scripture used in worship and Sunday school being the same allows for a continued conversation in the home after church.  There is a take home pamphlet for each section to help/encourage parents and guardians to continue that conversation.  There have been Easter and Christmas programs, and we hope to continue and increase participation by all members and age groups of the congregation in these programs.  We have incorporated some intergenerational programs to encourage fellowship outside of the worship space on Sundays.  Some of these are monthly movie and game nights and service project times.  Look for more activities like this in the future.  We hosted a Vacation Bible School in the summer.  We again offered this on weekday evenings to provide dinner and fellowship for all ages of family members.  Our team is constantly evaluating our programs and their benefits to ensure we are using our resources wisely.  One area we will be exploring this year is that of a church retreat.  I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this ministry at DMUMC and thank all of you for your support and encouragement. I would love to hear any thoughts, ideas or concerns that you might have to help this ministry be the most effective that it can be.

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