Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden was started many years ago with a simple idea — to honor some of our members who have passed away. Many of the trees which are in the garden were donated and planted in their memory, with new items added from time to time. The trees aren’t the only items donated to the Garden and placed in memory of loved ones. There are also benches and statues.

Each year since 2011, commemorative bricks to honor loved ones and family members, or in memory of someone who has passed away, have been donated to the Garden. They have been placed at the end of the pathway through the Garden and new bricks are added each year.

Orders can be placed throughout the year, but are traditionally processed in the early spring. The engraved bricks cost $50.00 each with an additional $10.00 to add clip art of either a traditional cross or the cross and flame. You can place an order by filling out this simple form: Order Form